Croeso cynnes i wefan Gŵyl y Synhwyrau
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So much to see and do. You won’t know where to start…


Free entertainment throughout the weekend for all the family.


Stimulate your sense of smell with so many olfactory treats!


Be overwhelmed with the choices of food available when you visit… and to take home.


Textures and tactile experiences to excite your sense of touch.


After stimulating your senses, spoil yourself with a touch of luxury.

Latest News

“Bydd Gŵyl y Synhwyrau dal i ddisgleirio y Nadolig hwn”

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“Bydd Gŵyl y Synhwyrau dal i ddisgleirio y Nadolig hwn” Eleni, ni fyddwn yn gallu goleuo Llandeilo gyda’r gŵyl arferol, ond peidiwch poeni : Mae Pwyllgor Gŵyl y Synhwyrau (y corachod!) wedi bod yn gweithio gyda gwerthwyr a stondinau o’r ŵyl diwethaf ac eleni byddwn yn cynnal “Gŵyl Y Synhwyrau Rhithwir Llandeilo” a ellir ei fynychu trwy Facebook. Bob dydd, … Darllenwch Fwy

Virtual Festival of Senses is now live!

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“Llandeilo Festival of Senses continues to sparkle this Christmas” This year we are unable to light up Llandeilo with the usual Festival, however don’t be disappointed: The Festival of Senses Committee (aka Elves) having been working with retailers and stalls from the last festival and this year we will be holding “Llandeilo Virtual Festival of Senses” accessible through Facebook . … Darllenwch Fwy

Please join our Virtual Llandeilo Festival of Senses

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Do you miss our bespoke shops and stalls? Do you wish you could browse and get some of the craft, fashion and food from last year’s participants? Wait no more, the Virtual Llandeilo Festival of Senses will start tomorrow and you can join them in anticipation now: We have grouped our businesses and stall holders in four groups: Food Hall … Darllenwch Fwy

Festival 2020 – CANCELLED

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It is with regret that we, the FoS Team, confirm that the 2020 Festival of Senses is now CANCELLED due to COVID19 and the issues surrounding the pandemic. With the uncertainty of where we find ourselves in November and our inability to hold the crucial fundraising activities we wouldn’t be able to organise the festival adequately. During this crucial public … Darllenwch Fwy



Get Ready...
... for an exciting winter festival in Llandeilo this November at the Festival of Senses.
Fun in November
The town comes alive with a party atmosphere, with all the shops and stalls in full swing.
From the Daily Star
"We visited the annual pre-Christmas Festival of the Senses in Llandeilo. The town is a great place to shop for a special gift that's a little out of the ordinary."