2022 Event to go ahead

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The Festival of Senses committee are pleased to announce that an unanimous decision was taken yesterday to go ahead with our event for 2022.
The dates are 18 – 20 November 2022


Festival of Senses 2022 to go ahead

The Festival of Senses committee are pleased to announce that the unanimous decision was taken to go ahead with the event for 2022. The dates will be 18 – 20 November 2022.
“I’m so glad the committee all agreed that we will start planning for our beloved event and be taking applications for our stalls by the end of March,” says Festival Chair Charlotte Walker. “It’s been a terribly long time without it. We’ll make sure to let you know all the developments as they unfold. We can’t wait for November now.”

“Later in March we’ll be putting application forms on our website for the stalls holders,” explains Debbie Ince, who will be responsible for organising the stalls this year. “Please bear with us as we are getting ready. You can register your interest by sending an email to FOS_Stalls@mail.com.”

In the mean time the committee will be busy organising fundraising events and working with other groups to revive the town post pandemic with joint events to bring the community back together.

“We’re planning a football tournament, pub quizzes, a pub golf, car treasure hunts and a series of other events,” says Vice Chair Christoph Fischer. “Llandeilo Town Council approached us to assist them with their Jubilee celebrations and a possible Party in Penlan Park and we can’t wait to get out hands on that. It’s good to be back in action.”
The festival is always looking for more volunteers and committee members, so if you fancy joining an enthusiastic and friendly group, please get in touch via festivalofsenses@gmail.com