Lotus Sisters Dance Belly Company

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Lotus Sisters Dance Belly Company 

The Lotus Sisters Belly Dance Company will be performing a set which will involve fast-paced and folkloric-infused choreography, drums – and balancing props such as swords and ceremonial bowls on their heads! They also like to end their shows with a bit of a party – so audiences can feel free to join in!

Ronnie, director of The Lotus Sisters Belly Dance Company will be leading a fun workshop suitable for anyone to join in, which will introduce participants to the basic moves of belly dance. Ronnie has been belly dancing for 10+ years and performing in other fields for almost 30 years. The Lotus Sisters workshops focus on getting in touch with the body and connecting to the energy which drives the dance.

The group are Egyptian-inspired folkloric fusion belly dancers – which basically means they are inspired by a lot of things – including Arabic country and folk dances, classic Egyptian performers such as the Mazin sisters, Tahia Carioca, modern collectives including Bal Anat and Hahbi Ru, Celtic and ancient symbolism and ritual, plus history and theatre.

Led by Ronnie, an award-winning performer, the group’s members hail from all areas of Carmarthenshire, Swansea and further afield and have performed across Wales and the UK. Their mission is inspire, create and connect in an all sensory experience.