Final day at our festival with record figures

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Hurry, hurry – today is the last day!

Plenty of Llandeilo’s resident shops are still offering special discounts, nibbles and raffles in their shops while the festival is on.

Over 30 bespoke arts and crafts stalls are waiting for you in the Civic Hall, there’s a wide variety of food in the Food Hall at Cubitts Courts and street food on King Street around the

Highlights are

Tywi Got Talent winner and now professional Magician Magic Ash at 11am with a stage show on King Street
and at 12am with a street show at Cutting Edge.

the Weird and Wonderful Mystery Tour with Nick Brunger at 2.15pm, starting next to GT Locksmiths on the Crescent Road Town Car Park.

Lotus Sisters Belly Dance Company at 12:oo on stage and at 2:00 at the Hangout 

Today’s Park and Ride will start at 11am

from Ysgol Bro Dinefwr, Heol Myrddin, Ffairfach, Llandeilo SA19 6PE
Tregib Sports Facilities, Ffairfach, Llandeilo SA19 6TB
and The Hangout Beechwood industrial estate, Talley Rd, Llandeilo SA19 7HR

We’re keeping the big bus – a 200% capacity increase to last year’s seat numbers. As we’re only running for 5 hours today we are advised that there is no requirements for full length breaks for the drivers, although I’m sure you understand that they can’t operate the full 5 hours without some rest.
Apologies again for the issues with the Park and Ride yesterday.
Part of the problem were the legally binding lunch breaks for each drivers, the timing of which were out od our control. To avoid the problems experienced with this last year we did put on an extra bus this year to ensure this would not happen. The extra bus meant a 100% capacity increase. Advised by the bus company that provided the bus service last year and judging from last year’s attendance figures this should have been more than enough, if not even too much. In a year with bad weather this could have easily been a waste of money.
Although this is a free bus service for a free festival we really wanted to make this a positive experience.
Numbers this year, probably due to the increased advertising and the fantastic weather over the weekend were however higher than we could have hoped for. We put on an extra Park and Ride location in Tregib as soon as we heard from the bus driver that the first car park in Ysgol Bro Dinefwr was full.
I also contacted the bus company and asked for a bigger bus, which they quickly organised. It took a while to clear the backlog and due to the buses now having to make two stops the frequency did not go back up to the 10mins it should have taken.
Organising the bus situation behind the scenes took two volunteers out of our manpower so the bus drivers ended up spending a lot of time explaining to frustrated visitors, which added to the delay times.
I’m really sorry this didn’t work out as well as we had hoped. We had given it a lot of thought and are equally disappointed that our careful planning and increased spending did not have the desired effect.Thank you for your patience and understanding and be assured we will go back to the drawing board with regards to the P&R.